Another year, another Games Done Quick, and 2020's stream event is the latest success when it comes to gaming for a good cause. The 24-hour speedrunning marathon had quite the turnout and what better way to celebrate 10 years of gamers doing some good in the world than to raise an obscene amount of money for cancer research? That's right, AGDQ this year raised over 3.13 million dollars this past weekend.  

This year's event reportedly had far more donations than previous years with more than 54,000 donations total from over 80 different countries. With 2,750-plus people in attendance in Orlando, the event also had a huge online audience as well with over 236,000 concurrent viewers during the live-streamed events. 

For those that may be unfamiliar with Games Done Quick, here's a blurb from this initiative's mission statement

Games Done Quick is a charity fundraising organization that raises money for charity via speedrunning. Volunteers play games at incredible speed ("Speedrunning") for entertainment. The event is streamed live online, non-stop, and all donations go directly to the charity. Games Done Quick events feature runners playing games from every generation of gaming history! They play their games live, in person, and explain in detail the many tricks and glitches they use to get the fastest times.

This initiative has raised more than 25 million dollars since 2010 and works with many great organizations to do some good out in the world through speedruns such as AbleGamers and Organization for Autism Research. While this one was incredibly successful, we're hoping to beat GDQ's high score when the next round of speedruns commence during the Summer Games Done Quick marathon in June! 

To learn more about Games Done Quick and what they stand for, check out the official website right here