Now that you've scored yourself some Christmas cash, it's time to spend it like crazy, right?  And where better than a shop that's offering a ton of great games for an affordable price?

GameFly is hosting its annual end-of-year used game sale, mostly comprised of game rentals that they've gotten an abundance of.  But not to worry, all the games are guaranteed and appear as new, and we've rarely had a case where we've gotten something damaged from them.

A handful of deals are for the picking right now, including Persona 4 Arena for $17.99, The Amazing Spider-Man for $19.99, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for $14.99, various Nintendo 3DS games ranging from $9.99 and up (including some good titles like Mario Tennis Open and Rayman 3D), and many, many more.  The deals are only running through the beginning of January, though, and are limited while supplies last.

Head over to this page to get to shopping, and, remember, it's free shipping!