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Game of Thrones: Top 5 Combat Combos

by Prima Games Staff

Your abilities are powerful and each one has a specific purpose that can prove the difference between life and death in battle. As impressive as some skills may be, some are even better when partnered with other abilities. Here are five of the best combat combinations in the game. 

Tip: For added fun, try out new stances on some of these crippling combos the next time you enter into character creation mode.


Though you might think the Dexterity stance is just for chipping away at opponent’s health before melee, you’d be wrong. Several abilities can deal major damage no matter how close you are to your enemies in combat, and Head Shot/Focus is an absolutely devastating combination that may entice you to take up the bow. Nail your opponent with Head Shot, which deals a potent attack and knocks down your opponent. Normally, Head Shot’s energy expense would quickly exhaust you, but Focus changes all that. While your opponent is on the ground from Head Shot’s knockdown effect, fire a Focus arrow to replenish your energy and you can immediately follow up with another Head Shot. Attack quickly enough with this combo and you can lock down a single opponent with the knock down effect until you’ve dealt enough damage to kill almost any foe.


An assassin works best when he attacks an unsuspecting opponent. Unfortunately, you can’t always get in sneak attacks, and when you go up against an enemy one-on-one, your opponent’s attention is directed straight at you. That’s when you break out Assassination’s Blinding Dust. Stun your opponent, and before he can rub the dust out of his eyes, land a vicious blow with Savage Strike for more than three times normal damage. Most foes will be floored by this combination, and if they aren’t, a few quick slashes with a dagger will finish them off.


Slash is your basic attack for the Frenzy stance, but if you team up with another stance, Domination, it becomes a go-to move. Open with a Slash on your opponent. Once your foe is Bleeding, follow up with Injury to Injury and add extra damage to the attack. While Frenzy’s damage-over-time effect from Bleeding bolsters the damage, Domination’s Injury to Injury will usually slay your opponent or significantly pound your opponent’s health down to the near-death range.


The Intensity stance may concentrate on defense or reacting to your opponent’s moves, but that doesn’t mean it can’t sting an unprepared opponent. Look for a flaw in your opponent’s defenses with Calm as Still Water, which will knock down your foe for three seconds. While he’s on the ground, take advantage with Intensity’s Sting of the Manticore attack, which deals double damage and causes Bleeding to an opponent who is knocked down. Those schooled in Intensity can counterattack well, but there’s no reason to wait around if you can press the advantage with devastating attacks of your own.


Defense and Assassination make a natural pairing. The Defense stance likes to draw enemy attention, and the Assassination stance enjoys working from outside the fray or surprising foes from behind. To land maximum damage, the assassin wants to rely on Sneak Attack, but he needs the enemy’s attention elsewhere. Enter Defense’s Taunt, which pulls all nearby enemies’ attention to the defender. Now enemies will turn toward the defender and open their backs to the assassin for three times normal damage. Throw in a few criticals on top of that combos and everyone falls quickly.

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