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Game of Thrones Starbucks Blunder Immortalized With This Skyrim Mod

by Liana Ruppert

By now, most people have seen the somehow notorious Starbucks blunder in the most recent – and final – season of HBO’s Game of Thrones series. While we are pretty sure Westeros doesn’t have lattes, apparently that didn’t stop Queen Danny from partaking in caffeinated goodness. While the cup blunder has since been edited out of the episode, it will forever live in our hearts thanks to a new Skyrim mod. 

Does this mod do anything extraordinary for the Skyrim experience? Well, no. It’s a joke mod based on how quickly one coffee cup could go viral due to a production blunder. What the mod actually does is replaces the usual tankards with “Skyland Coffee” cups that look just like what one would find at Starbucks. Even Tamriel residents need a good energy boost now and again!

“It’s back by popular demand, Skyland Coffee offers all the caffeine needed to rescue a land from Thalmore, Dragons, Skooma Pushers, and Vampires,” boasts the mod’s official description. “Replace those dreary tankards for a fresh, clean recyclable coffee cups from your favorite brewer, Skyland Coffee.”

It’s completely compatible with all other mods and is super easy to install. For those playing Skyrim on PC and want to recreate their own Game of Thrones cup blunder, you can check out the mod right here to download it for yourself. 

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