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Game of Thrones: Inside Westeros

by Prima Games Staff


George R. R. Martin’s masterful storytelling takes you into the world of Westeros in both novel and game. In the game’s story, we meet up with some important characters from the book, such as Queen Cersei Lannister and Lord Commander Mormont, but for the most part the story runs parallel to the events of the novel. Here are several of the crossovers between game and novel, and a lot of the fun for the book lovers is to discover what is happening across the realm in the background story while Mors and Alester create their own adventures.


The Wall is 700 feet tall and guards Westeros against the perils and horrors of the north. In the novel A Game of Thrones, supernatural events occur in the Haunted Forest north of Castle Black; at the same time, two members of the Night’s Watch, Will and Ser Waymar Royce, come face-to-face with the Others. In the game, the Others are only rumors whispered by the new recruits of the Night’s Watch, though there is frequent action against the wildlings who harass those who guard the Wall.


Alester left Westeros 15 years ago to reinvent himself and found R’hllor, his one true god. The red priests who worship R’hllor are a rare sight in Westeros, though they have formed a dominant religion across the sea. In A Game of Thrones, we first hear about the red priests when we meet Daenerys and Viserys Targaryen in the Free Cities. As Daenerys gazes out her window, she hears the red priests singing as they light their night fi res and perform their rituals.


In the A Game of Thrones novel, Jon Arryn dies early in the story’s events. Arryn’s passing has a major effect on the game—it is Jon Arryn’s letter that compels Mors to accept the quest to protect the mysterious woman Jeyne. Jon’s death also had a major effect on the events in the novel, as his friend Eddard Stark then became the King’s Hand. We can infer that Mors Westford and Eddard Stark likely knew each other at one point during the great war 15 years ago.


The Queen of Westeros is the most powerful political figure of all the ruling lords and ladies. She makes most decisions for King Robert, who has grown weary of rule and would rather enjoy a good meal and a large tankard of ale. Alester meets with Queen Cersei in the Red Keep to bargain for his future and his kingdom. There’s a certain irony that Alester asks Queen Cersei to cancel the marriage between his sister Elyana and his half-brother Valarr, as Cersei is secretly involved in an incestuous affair herself in the book.


Although Riverspring isn’t a notable city in the novel, its location puts it squarely in the midst of the major events transforming Westeros. It lies in the Riverlands almost directly between two major cities: west of the capital King’s Landing and east of the Lannister’s Casterly Rock. Just north of the Goldroad, we see that Riverspring is a busy place in the game, and the Sarwycks are behind-the-scenes lords who have influenced politics for many generations.


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