While we enjoy our PlayStation 3, we never did get over the fact that Sony took away backwards compatibility.  What’s wrong with delving back into the classics?  Nothing, it seems, and we could very well be getting it back.

According to a recent report, Sony may be inking a deal with the folks at Gaikai that would bring a cloud gaming style service to the PlayStation 3.  Along with a possible deal for current releases, they could also very well be working on streaming “old-school” games, in this case PlayStation 2 and PS One titles.

Gamesindustry reports that the service will mainly be for first-party titles, but it will also be open to third party publishers who wish to publish their games for play as well.

The deal is likely to be announced next Monday night when Sony holds its annual pre-E3 press conference.  We’ll let you know what goes down in a post-conference wrap-up Tuesday morning.