Gaming tablets seem to be a new trend for 2012, with Razer recently announcing its own special device (and showing it off at CES to an awaiting public) and now Wikipad stepping up with a controller-supported tablet.  And the latter has a pretty strong service to back it up.

The game streaming service Gaikai has announced that it has formed a partnership with Wikipad to make it the “first tablet to offer an attachable, console-quality gamepad controller,” according to its press release.  This means a huge business rival for not only Razer, but also OnLive who previously introduced game streaming service for handheld devices and tablets but with touch screen compatibility.

The Wikipad is a nifty looking device, pictured above.  It comes with what appears to be a comfortable control scheme, along with a 10.1” screen and a quad core processor, enabling it to run the most complex of games – yes, even Max Payne 3, if it came to that point.

No word yet on what games will come to the device, but we’ll probably hear about them over the next few months…