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G4TV Is Back With Teaser Video Marking Its Return

by Liana Ruppert

G4TV was a staple in gaming years ago and it looks like they are ready to make their triumphant return! The official G4TV Twitter account took to social media to post a new video out of the blue marking a release window for this highly anticipated return. 

The below video shares a desolate area filled with gaming nostalgia alongside the tagline “we never stopped playing.” Out of the blue? Yes. Exciting? Absofreakinglutely: 

The reactions were instantaneous and for good reason. G4 gave the start to many big names in the industry, including actress Olivia Munn, but more than that; it was a haven for gamers. A hub for playing, news, and overall a phenomenal sense of community, and that’s something we’re infinitely excited to see more of.

The feels are real, y’all. The rise of G4TV was before YouTube was what it is today. Influencer culture was still very much a gated community and not as accessible as it is currently. The website shut down back in 2014 but that never stopped fans from reflecting back on good times and their love for this staple, so to see its return is truly beautiful. 

The MTV of gaming (back when MTV was actually about music), G4TV basically has the world in their hands for this comeback. We can’t wait to learn more about who is returning and who is being added to the roster. 

What do you think about G4TV’s return? Are you excited to see some of the old crew get back together, or are you hoping for an entirely new experience? Sound off with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames!

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