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Frostpunk Update 1.1.0 Introduces New Survivor Mode

by Larryn Bell

As promised, the developers at 11 Bit Studios have just released the long-awaited Survivor Mode for their chill-inducing strategy game, Frostpunk. As I Frostpunk wasn’t harrowing enough, the new Survivor Mode goes beyond the challenges of Hard Mode to truly put your arctic survival skills to the test. 

According to the developers, what makes Survivor Mode so much more difficult is that it removes the game’s pause function. Players cannot actively pause while playing on Survivor Mode. The only time the game pauses is by opening the menu. 

In Survivor Mode, your progress will only be saved automatically or upon exiting the game, which means your decisions are final. Closing the game and reloading a recent save runs the risk of you losing valuable game progress and can significantly set you back, which is certainly not a situation you want to be in when trying to survive a snowy apocalypse while meeting the needs of your city. 

On a brighter note, finishing the game on Survivor Mode will reward you with new achievements for a job well done. Toggle the switch below the customization button to begin a new Frostpunk game on Survival Mode.

If you haven’t had a chance to delve into Frostpunk yet or know someone who should, the game is currently 15% off on Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store for a limited time. You can get a feel for the challenging new Survivor Mode in the developer update video above. Check out our guide on how to survive the storm in Frostpunk to help you prepare for the challenge that lies ahead.

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