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Front Mission 1st Remake Physical Limited Edition Comes With a Manual and Other Goodies

Front Mission fans deserve some extra love imo

by Lucas White

It seems like there’s a big push to remind people there’s a new Front Mission remake out. First there was a nice little discount on Forever Entertainment’s Front Mission 1st Remake, coinciding with the release date announcement for the second game. Now, Microids has announced a physical, retail Limited Edition of the first game, which comes out this Spring and includes some cool bonuses.

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Microids announced the Limited Edition today, which is set to arrive in stores on May 30, 2023. If you’re in Europe it comes out on April 20, but US retailers all have it pointing to May. If that ends up being an error we’ll fix it, and we can both pretend this never happened. Anyway, it’s got a $39.99 price tag, which is pretty wild for a product sporting a Limited Edition label. Alongside the game itself there’s a small list of bonuses, all of which are physical:

  • Two lithographs
  • “Exclusive” lenticular (is this more exclusive than the lithographs? Who can say?)
  • Printed game manual

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A retail game with a manual? Now we’re cooking with enough gas to fuel a Wanzer mech. Get it? That’s what the robots are called in the videogame series Front Mission. Yeah. If you want to snag a copy of the Front Mission 1st Remake Limited Edition, it seems like just about any major retailer you could think of is taking pre-orders right now. And if you’re just interested in the game itself, it’s readily available on the Nintendo eShop.

Front Mission 1st Remake was released for the Nintendo Switch back in 2022, and is a remake of a PlayStation remake of a Super Famicom tactical strategy RPG. It landed a little under the radar compared to some of Square Enix’s other 2022 releases, and it seems like everyone involved is trying to juice up the word for the sequel, coming this summer.

Lucas White

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