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Friday the 13th Game Server Issues Explanation

by Bryan Dawson

The Friday the 13th game launches just a few days ago, but it’s been plagued with server issues. While the PC version of the game seems to be holding up better than the console versions, there are numerous Friday the 13th game server issues across the board that can even leave you at level 0 or even make it so you’re not leveling up. Most of these server issues are server side, even when you find yourself at level 0 or not leveling up in the Friday the 13th game, meaning there isn’t much players can do about it. With that said, let’s take a look at what’s causing these Friday the 13th game server issues and what you can do to help get into games.

Server Issues

Before we get into detail on what’s going on with the Friday the 13th game server issues, it’s important to note that this started as a Kickstarter game and the development team is much smaller than many other games. The biggest issues is that the demand for the game has far exceeded what the development team expected. Because Friday the 13th is an online game, the game servers have taken a beating and simply can’t handle the demand.

Database Login Failure

The most common issue related to the server problem is the database login failure, which we’ve already covered. While the PC version of the game seems the most stable, it also seems to be the main version plagued by this database issue. The developers have stated that reconnecting can sometimes correct the situation, but from our experience this works better on PC than it does on console.

No Quick Matches

Both consoles and PC have had issues with matchmaking. If the game connects fine, but you’re having issues getting into a Quick Match, try a Private Match instead. You’ll still get the same XP as you would from a public match, but the matchmaking has far fewer issues. Unfortunately, you’ll need friends to organize a private match, but hopefully that’s not an issue for you.

No XP or Level 0

Another huge issue that seems to occur more on consoles than PC is not getting any experience points (XP) from completing games. This is a glitch that the development team is aware of and they are looking into and implementing a solution. In addition, if you login and notice you have no XP or you’re missing any perks you’ve unlocked, you didn’t lose anything. This is another server side issue and your XP and perks are still there and will come back once the server issues are fixed.

We’ll keep a close eye on the situation and provide updates when possible, but you can also check out the official Twitter account to get updates directly from the developer. In the meantime, you can check out our survival tips and more in our Friday the 13th game hub!