Frictional Games Gives Fans Source Code For Older Amnesia Games

Modders rejoice!

Today, Frictional Games announced that they are releasing the source code for Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs and Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

Both games have seen tremendous support from the mod community, and Frictional Games thought it was time to give back.

You can access the source code on their website, which has a link to the Github repository.

There is a very important note on their website, which can be seen below.

“Very important note: This doesn’t mean that the game is suddenly free. It just means that people are free to use the source however they want as long as they adhere to the GPL3 license. The game and all of its content are still owned by Frictional Games. Just like before.”

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Not only is the source code now out in the wild, but Frictional Games have also included the editor code as well. It’s clear they want to community to run wild with it.

For those interested in looking more into this, here are some noteworthy features that Frictional Games included in their post.

  • Shadow mapping with soft edges.
  • Realtime visibility culling system that also works for dynamic objects.
  • Automatic render batch system of static objects.
  • Deferred shading system.
  • A full editor with lots of interesting features that such as picking algorithms and view fitting.
  • Very simple state machine AI that still gives rise to fairly interesting and intelligent agents.
  • Fairly advanced system for physics sounds.
  • Physics-based interaction system.
  • Own sound system implemented using OpenAL
  • Lots of other basic rendering and gameplay tech all implemented in an a coherent engine structure

At the very least, Frictional Games is hopeful that anyone interested in game development will be able to play around with some tools and see all the work they put into Amnesia.

This announcement comes just shy of a month before the newest Amnesia game, Amnesia: Rebirth, launches. The source code released today is pretty old, but a cool piece of history for Amnesia fans to see how the game worked under the hood.

Will you be checking out the source code? Let us know on the official Prima Twitter and Facebook pages.


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