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Free Xbox Games With Gold for July 2020 Revealed

by Liana Ruppert

Every month, Microsoft gives away a few free games each month with the Xbox Games With Gold initiative through their Live membership. Both for this generation and generations prior, Team Xbox offers double the amount of games that PlayStation does and while sometimes the free line-up isn’t to everyone’s cup of tea, the free Xbox Games With Gold for July 2020 lineup does offer a Saints Row favorite. 

Free Xbox Games With Gold for July 2020

As for what Xbox players can look forward to in the month ahead, there is a little something for everyone. Never had a chance to play Dunk Lords myself, but Saints Rows 2 was the bees knees. JuJu is also an adorable favorite for those that have young gamers in training, or WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship for those eager to take to the tracks. 

Here is the full lineup for the free Xbox Games With Gold, July edition:

There’s still time left to jump in on this month’s free games including Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse, Coffee Talk, Destroy All Humans, and Sine Mora. 

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Before deciding on which free game you’d like to download first, it’s important to remember that none of these free games cannot be claimed unless an Xbox Live Membership is active. As per Microsoft, “As an Xbox Live Gold Member, you get the most advanced multiplayer, bonus games, and exclusive member discounts in Microsoft Store. With Xbox Live Gold, you can stay connected with friends, family, and Xbox Live members around the world.

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