Back in 2015, I was medically retired from the US Navy for an injury sustained overseas. As a medically discharged veteran, I love seeing my community there with the military intersect with my gaming community family and that's exactly what's happening right now with a free game deal going on now with Steam. 

The free game offer comes courtesy of Games to Grunts initiative courtesy of the Office of the Secretary of Defense and includes some pretty epic fighting games in addition to other titles available. To get in on the freebie action, head over here to the Games to Grunts page. From there, create an account and then authorize the new account with a valid military ID. Active military personnel will have their active ID, whereas discharged personel will have their own variation, as well as disabled veterans. 

From games like SoulCalibur VI to Tekken 7, to more themed games like World of Warships and World of Tanks, there's a whole host of AAA and indie titles available - and not just through steam. That being said, there seems to be a limited amount of codes and some games are already showing as "sold out." Whether that will update again sometime soon remains to be seen, but definitely act fast if something catches your eye! 

For more about Games to Grunts: 

"We’ve become experts at putting games in the hands of troops and have learned a lot while distributing over 1,000,000 games since 2010. Because OSD is first and foremost about community support, we noticed that the mechanism for getting games to troops hindered our ability to loop those we serve back into the community to provide them and their families further support. Digital Key distribution, preceding the Games to Grunts program, required sending a spreadsheet with gaming keys to a single point of contact on a post or in a unit, keeping us from cultivating a relationship at the individual level. Games to Grunts now solves this challenge by connecting OSD to the recipient ensuring they benefit from our services in a more personal and direct way while enjoyed great games from partners supporting our military."

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