Adrian Chmielarz, founder of recently bought by Epic Games studio People Can Fly, has formed a new studio by the name of The Astronauts.

Before you think he’s a madman, Chmielarz isn’t trying to run two dev teams at once and in fact left People Can Fly shortly after Epic bought the company earlier this year. Apparently it was all amicable, and judging by the fact their next game, coming 2013, is made in Unreal Engine 3 it’s unlikely there’s much soreness between the two parties.

The Astronauts was founded entirely by ex-members of People Can Fly (People That Flew?). Accompanying Chmielarz is artist Andrzej Poznanski and animator Michal Kosieradzki.

If you’d like to keep track of what the guys are up to then head on over to The Astronauts’ site.