Forza Motorsport is On the Way

A new Forza Motorsport has been revealed.

If there’s anything consistent in the world of video games, it’s that with a new console comes a new racing game. The PlayStation 5 has Gran Turismo, and the Xbox Series X is gonna have Forza. During the July 23 Xbox Games Showcase, a new entry in the Forza Motorsport series was announced. The weird thing here is that for now, after seven numbered entries, this new title is being presented as simply Forza Motorsport.

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For now it isn’t clear if that’s just a working title, or if somehow Xbox Game Studies found a way to consider a new racing game a “reboot.” Either way, if you take a look at the new announcement trailer, you can already see the visual muscle behind this one. According to information provided during the showcase, we know that this new Forza Motorsport will definitely be taking advantage of next-gen hardware. Forza motorsport will sport 60 frames per second gameplay at 4K resolution, and modern visual effects such as ray-tracing.

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The Forza Motorsport announcement trailer is brief, definitely fitting more into “teaser” territory. It starts at some sort of promotional or showcase event, showing off some serious lighting tech as the camera pans across a photography setup for the cars, then various vehicles, racers, and other people spread throughout the space. Then we transition to a race in progress, interspersed with close-up vanity shots of different cars. Most notably, the trailer claims to be entirely made of footage captured in the game’s engine.

We don’t have a release date or launch window for Forza Motorsport, nor do we know if it’s exclusive to Xbox Series X just yet. We do know it’s coming to Game Pass though.

The Forza Motorsport series has been running since 2005, as Microsoft’s flagship racing sim. The series eventually split into two distinct pillars, when Forza Horizon was established in 2012. Since then the two series have alternated releases to keep an annual Forza release schedule. However, it seems like Forza is skipping 2019, unless you count the re-branded Forza Street mobile game. Presumably, this is happening due to a combination of COVID, and moves within Microsoft that saw Forza Horizon developer Playground Games joining Xbox Game Studios and landing on the new Fable project.

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