Forza Horizon 5 Players Can Build the Map of Their Dreams With Latest EventLab 2.0 Update


A new update for EventLab allows players to bring wilder creations to life through newly introduced quality-of-life improvements and creation tools in Forza Horizon 5. These new features include Multi-Selection Mode, Custom Flyers, Prefabs, and a whole bunch of new props for players to play around with to bring their events to life.

All of these new features can be experimented with at the new EventLab Island, which is a new location that’s made for creating EventLab content. It’s a 2km x 2km flat concrete platform surrounded by an ocean, which players can use as a canvas to add more props and cosmetics thanks to an increased prop budget. The island can be accessed through its own icon found on the in-game map.

Screenshot via Xbox

As for the new props themselves, the latest update for Forza Horizon’s EventLab brings a petrol station with signs, a coffee cup, pumps, and roofs, and a variety of primitive shapes like a cone, cube, cylinder, pyramid, sphere, torus, and wedge, and different surface types like snow, ice, grass, tarmac, and dirt.

What’s more, some of the existing props have received attachment nodes, making them easier to move around and snap together. Additionally, the update will let players see the exact time of day and weather conditions while the map is being created. So, if you’re creating a map with a particular theme around a certain weather, you will be able to easily test out the props to see how well they mesh together.

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