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Fortnite’s Tomato Man Has Vanished From Tomato Town

by Larryn Bell

As a result of Fortnite’s momentous rocket launch event this past weekend, a massive fracture now stretches across the sky in Battle Royale, which appears to be expanding further each day. There have also been a number of mysterious rift portals cropping up all over the map, in places like Lonely Lodge and Tomato Town. 

It appears that these rifts are no ordinary fissures. The rift portals are apparently capable of consuming objects in the map, with the latest casualty being the humble Tomato Man who tops the pizza restaurant in Tomato Town. 

Rift portals have also consumed the Motel sign at the motel west of Anarchy Acres, along with the sign that used to sit in front of Lonely Lodge. If there was any doubt about the rift portals being responsible for these disappearing objects in Fortnite, check out the clip below from Twitter user DJACKBY9, which shows Tomato Man’s final moments atop the pizza parlor before booping out of existence.

With Season 4 wrapping up in just over a week, there is still plenty of time for more objects to start disappearing in Fortnite. There’s no telling whether these consumed objects are permanently gone, or if they have just been teleported somewhere else. 

Fans will have to wait until Season 5 to see what all these rift portals really mean in Fortnite. Until then, you still have time to rank up your Battle Pass and unlock the Omega Skin if you haven’t already, so make sure you’re finishing up any last-minute Season 4 challenges while you can.

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