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Fortnite Zero Build Game Mode Announced

by Jesse Vitelli

Epic Games has finally spun its limited-time no build gameplay mode into its own separate category for players to experience. At the beginning of this season, building was removed entirely for the first week, allowing players to experience what a no-build version of the game is like.

Fortnite Zero Build Game Mode Announced

Building has been brought back to Fortnite but now Epic Games have made a new mode it is calling “Fortnite Zero Build.”

If you want to play this mode all you have to do is go to the Discover page by clicking on the Change button above the Play option in the lobby. This will allow you to select Zero Build and keep enjoying Fortnite the way you want to.

If you haven’t checked out this mode yet, it’s got some major changes to the structure. First up, you have an over shield that recharges over your normal health and shields which gives you a little more survivability to account for not being able to build walls and forts.

You’ll also have access to Ascenders which are vertical ziplines, Blimps to soar the skies, the ability to mantle over ledges for gaining height, and of course an increased sprint burst.

We’re always a huge fan of when games give players more choice in how they want to play, and the Zero Build mode has been a heavily requested feature for Fortnite.

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