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Fortnite Season 11 Leak Reveals a New Map, Boats, and More

by Liana Ruppert

Fortnite season 11 kicks off next week and it looks like the Apple App just spilled the beans early. According to the most recent Fortnite season 11 leak, the next phase for the online battle royale game will be called Fortnite Chapter 2 and will offer players a new map, new vehicles, and more: 

From the leaked key art seen above thanks to Twitter user ShiinaBR. With a much cleaner shot of the key art seen above, we see some of the more finer details that the next step of Fortnite will have to offer players. 

As for when it starts, the v10.40 update patch notes were where players first saw that Epic Games had decided to push back the end of Season 10 to Sunday, October 13th. Players will now have extra time to finish leveling up their Battle Pass and complete any Missions they may have remaining before they are no longer able to do so for this content period.  

With the end of the current content period set for October 13th, which means Fortnite season 11 will follow suit. 

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Liana Ruppert

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