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Fortnite Birthday Celebration Offers Special Rewards

by Larryn Bell

Although Fortnite is known for its Battle Royale mode, the main base-building game (now known as Save the World) premiered on July 25, 2017. To celebrate Fortnite’s first birthday, Epic Games will be releasing a new limited-time birthday event that offers players the chance to unlock additional bonus XP and new birthday-themed cosmetic items.

Fortnite’s Birthday Celebration kicks off on July 24 and will run until August 7. Players will get to jump from a birthday-themed Battle Bus in Battle Royale, as well as take on new cake-carrying sploder Husks in Save the World.

Fortnite Birthday Challenges

The birthday event also comes with a new series of Birthday Challenges that reward players with special customizations from the birthday cosmetic set. A new birthday-themed emote, spray, and Back Bling are up for grabs as rewards for completing certain challenges.

The Fortnite Birthday Challenges and rewards are as follows:

Fortnite Birthday Challenge Reward
Play 14 matches 5,000 XP
Deal 1,000 damage to opponents Fortnite Birthday! Emoticon
Dance at different birthday cakes Fortnite Birthday! Spray
Complete all 3 Birthday Challenges Birthday Cake Back Bling

Additionally, players who complete the Birthday questline in Save the World will be rewarded with the Birthday Brigade Ramirez Hero. Tickets can be used to purchase Birthday Llamas, which contain custom weapons and Heroes from all the in-game events in Fortnite over the past year. 

Be sure to check back here for details on how to find every birthday cake in Fortnite to make progress toward the event challenge. Visit our Fortnite Season 5 Challenge Guide for tips on how to complete weekly challenges and level up fast in Fortnite.

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