When now-former Xbox exec Mike Ybarra announced his departure from Microsoft, many in the gaming community were shocked yet eager to learn where his journey will go from there. Now that mystery has been solved, because Ybarra recently revealed his new role as executive vice president of Blizzard Entertainment. 

Ybarra took to Twitter to reveal his latest role with him taking up the mantle on November 4th. He also confirmed that he will be at BlizzCon, which kicks off on November 1st. 

Though we are thrilled for Ybarra, especially with his very vocal love over the years for Blizzard, it's definitely an interesting time right now to be a leading force for this company. Blizzard has been in the limelight a lot over the past year with Diablo Immortal-gate and the most recent Hong Kong controversies. Still, it looks like with the Diablo 4 reveal and up to SIX whopping new announcements for this year's Blizzcon, maybe his arrival is on the cusp of something truly great for the company. 

"After 20 years at Microsoft, it’s time for my next adventure," Ybarra mentioned back on October 9th revealing his initial departure. "It’s been a great ride at Xbox and the future is bright. Thanks to everyone at TeamXbox, I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished and I wish you the best. More soon on what’s next for me (super excited)!"

He added, "Most importantly I want to thank all of you fellow gamers, and our great fans, for all the support. Keep gaming and I hope to see you online soon!”

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