When it came to making pinball games based on the Star Wars franchise, Zen Studios chose to do rather than do not – since there is no try.

The company announced yesterday, through a partnership with LucasFilm, that it is producing a set of ten tables based on the popular space franchise.  Three of those tables will be releasing this month, based on excellent subjects.  We're going to get a Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back table; a table devoted strictly to intergalactic bounty hunter Boba Fett; and a table based on events in the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  The remaining seven tables haven't been detailed yet, but will be revealed over the next few weeks.

The tables will be released across the board for a number of platforms, including PlayStation 3 and PS Vita; Google Play; Mac App Store; the regular App Store for iPad and iPhone devices; and Pinball FX 2 on Xbox 360.  Wii U was not mentioned amongst the platforms, but look for confirmation once Zen Pinball 2 releases in Nintendo's eShop.  It's bound to come.

We've included a trailer below for your viewing pleasure.  It's brief, but you can just feel the Force is strong with this one.

We'll have a preview soon!