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For Honor Beta Dates Announced

by Bryan Dawson

Today, Ubisoft finally announced the official start date of the next For Honor closed Beta. The upcoming Beta will be available from January 26-29, 2017 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Players still trying to get in on the Beta can sign up to have a chance to participate at the official site.

Alongside the closed beta, Ubisoft is launching War of the Factions, a limited-time event which will help answer the question: When the mighty Vikings, deadly Samurai and bold Knights finally collide on the battlefield, who will reign supreme? War of the Factions will track all multiplayer activities across all platforms from all players during the closed beta, and will reward players for fighting for their factions and honor the winning faction with additional rewards. In addition to the War of the Faction rewards, players who participate in the closed beta will also receive rewards. Both sets of rewards will be transferred to the full game.

To get yourself ready for the For Honor closed Beta, be sure to check out our coverage hub for information on the various classes and some help with the multiplayer modes and general combat. We’ll have more coverage of For Honor during the Beta and as we approach the February 14, 2017 release date.