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Focus Home Interactive Has Acquired Retro Games Developer Dotemu

by Jesse Vitelli

Focus Home Interactive has acquired the studio Dotemu. Dotemu is most recently known for developing Streets of Rage 4 and is currently working on the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Shredders Revenge game. 

Focus Home Interactive Has Acquired Retro Games Developer Dotemu

Focus Home Interactive has signed a contract to acquire 77.5% of the chare capital of Dotemu. In a press release a statement from the CEO of Focus Home Interactive, Christophe Nobileau he explains how this acquisition benefits both parties.

“The arrival of Dotemu marks a key step in the acceleration of the Group’s growth and in the diversification of its expertise. By enriching our editorial line, we are opening up a new revenue stream and new market shares to conquer in a fast-growing sector.

We are delighted to welcome to the Focus Group talents such as Cyrille Imbert and his teams, who have succeeded in making games attractive and giving them new life for millions of players around the world. This transaction is a good example of our desire to bring together talents through a long-term partnership with Cyrille, who will remain President and shareholder of Dotemu and become a member of the Group’s Executive Committee and future shareholder of Focus Home Interactive.”

This deal is set to give Dotemu the financial stability it needs to keep creating games in popular old IPs like Metal Slug and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, while also offering them insight from other Focus Home studios. 

Dotemu was acquired for 38.5 million Euros.

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