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First Gameplay Trailer for Alan Wake Remastered Shown During PlayStation Showcase

by Morgan Shaver

News about Alan Wake Remastered was going around prior to the PlayStation Showcase, but the Showcase was the first time actual footage of the game has been shown. The verdict is… well, Alan Wake still looks very much like Alan Wake. 

First Gameplay Trailer for Alan Wake Remastered Shown During PlayStation Showcase

We got a small taste of Alan Wake Remastered today during the PlayStation Showcase. The visuals have been improved to the extent you’d expect from a remaster, and at its core, Alan Wake is and always will be an incredible game. 

We’re huge fans of Alan Wake, and are genuinely looking forward to seeing more from Alan Wake Remastered once it’s released. Speaking of which, the trailer today not only showed footage of the remastered game, it also shared the game’s release date of October 5, 2021.

On the PlayStation Blog, additional details were provided regarding what fans can expect from the remaster of Alan Wake:

“Alan Wake Remastered is the graphically enhanced version of the original game first released in 2010.

 Now, we are bringing you the complete Alan Wake experience, including the two story-expansions The Signal and The Writer, originally released as DLCs, with all-new 4K visuals, updated environments, cutscenes, and a brand-new making-of commentary.”

After providing insight into the story for those who haven’t played it, the PlayStation Blog post goes on to elaborate upon how the game runs on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

According to the post, Alan Wake Remastered runs at 4K and 60fps on PlayStation 5. On PlayStation 4, players can choose between Performance Mode (1080p at 60fps) and Quality Mode (4K at 30fps). 

“Almost everything in the original game has been retouched: a ton of individual items, from environment scenes to individual props, textures, sound effect files, and the art for the UI.

As it’s a hugely important part of creating the unnerving atmosphere of the game, there was a dedicated team working hard to ensure the trees and foliage would look as good as possible.”

Adding incentive for players to purchase and play Alan Wake Remastered on PS5, the game will offer some nice DualSense support in addition to running at 4K and 60fps.

“Each weapon Alan uses feels unique thanks to the DualSense wireless controller’s adaptive trigger having different feedback depending on the gun you are using, from the revolver to the flare gun. There are also Activity cards for each episode and mission of the game” 

All in all, Alan Wake Remastered looks incredibly promising and we can’t wait to dig in and replay the game on PS5 once it’s released on October 5. Until then, we’re curious to hear your thoughts on the trailer.

Does Alan Wake Remastered look like you were expecting it to? Are you planning to purchase a copy for PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5? Let us know on our social media channels including Facebook and Twitter

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