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First Killzone: Shadow Fall DLC Maps Introduced

by Prima Games Staff

Before Killzone: Shadow Fall launched for PlayStation 4 last year, Guerrilla Games promised that it would support the game with free downloadable maps, in an effort to keep its multiplayer support thriving. Today, it kept its promise, by announcing the first two DLC-oriented maps for the game.

The Cruiser is a mid-range sized map set inside a decommissioned ISA Cruiser, with plenty of tight areas for battle.

Meanwhile, the Hangar provides a much bigger area to fight in, taking place in the hangar bay of one of Helghan’s mining spires. There are plenty of areas for snipers to take advantage, along with alternate routes for soldiers on the ground to get through.

There’s no word yet on when the DLC maps will be available, but we shouldn’t be waiting too long for them. We mentioned they’ll be free, yes? That’s always good.

Killzone: Shadow Fall is available now for PlayStation 4.

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