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First Images From Mortal Kombat Movie Released, Story Details Revealed

by Lucas White

In an exclusive feature given to Entertainment Weekly, the first wave of promotional details for this year’s Simon McQuoid-directed Mortal Kombat film have been released. Not only does the piece introduce the film’s plot and details on its unique protagonist, but it also houses some of the first official images from the movie itself. We see the characters you’d expect to see most from a reboot of sorts to Mortal Kombat in movies, and we also get casting details for several more characters.

To summarize the synopsis from Entertainment Weekly, this new Mortal Kombat fillm follows a new character, Cole Young (Lewis Tan), who basically seems like a proxy for the audience. A “washed-up” MMA fighter, Young gets involved in the decades-long supernatural war between two long-dead ninja clans. In fact, the movie will be opening with a fight scene between Hanzo Hasashi and Bi-Han, who later in the flick become the ever-popular Scorpion and Sub-Zero respectively. Young, and several other characters from the videogame source material, find themselves wrapped up in a tournament, drawn together by Raiden, played by Tadanobu Asano.


This includes Jax and Sonya Blade (Mehcad Brooks and Jessica McNamee), who share a strange connection to Young in the form of a frankly strange setup involving Mortal Kombat logo-shaped birthmarks? It’s a Mortal Kombat movie; this works as well as anything else, probably.

To get all the details go ahead and check out the original article, since I’m not here to get knocked for plagiarism. As the movie’s producers have confirmed, Mortal Kombat will include the iconic fatalities, meaning there’s no way we aren’t looking at a R rating. But we’ll all see for ourselves when Warner Brothers releases the film on April 16, 2021. And yes, it will appear on HBO Max along with theaters on that date.

What are your feelings, readers, about the details we now have on this Mortal Kombat movie? Does it scratch the right itches? Or is there more to be seen before it can be judged? Let us know at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels! 

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