It's a pretty big day for Bioshock Infinite fans, as you guys get your own one-two punch of great news today.

First off, 2K Games and the developers at Irrational Games have posted the first five minutes of the forthcoming sequel, which gives you a bit of an idea what to expect without wandering too far into spoiler territory (still, you've been warned).  We've included a link here to the YouTube video, so you can watch it over and over again to your heart's content.

The second bit of good news comes from NECA Toys, who have announced that their first wave of Bioshock Infinite action figures will be releasing this January.  Though main hero Booker DeWitt isn't featured this time around, the lovely Elizabeth, the heroine of the story, is, along with an awkward looking member of the Heavy Hitters' Boys of Silence, with a peculiar horn head.  It's gotta be tough putting a hat on that guy.  Prices haven't been revealed yet, but somewhere around the $20 range sounds reasonable.

Meanwhile, look for the Bioshock Infinite game to hit store shelves (finally) on March 26th.