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The First Cast Member For The Witcher: Blood Origin Revealed

by Morgan Shaver

Following the success of the live action Netflix adaptation of The Witcher — and the subsequent delay of the second season due to the pandemic — eyes have turned to the status of other adaptations in progress. 

Among these you’ll find a prequel called The Witcher: Blood Origin which takes place 1,200 years before the events of The Witcher Netflix series. If you’ve been wondering if there are any updates about Blood Origin, we have some good news for you in the form of a casting announcement. 

The First Cast Member For The Witcher: Blood Origin Revealed 

“The first cast for The Witcher: Blood Origin has been announced,” a tweet from @NXonNetflix reads. “Jodie Turner-Smith will play Éile, a fierce warrior with the voice of a goddess. The limited series will tell the story of the first Witcher prototype and the Conjunction of the Spheres.”

The description for the limited series on Netflix itself reads: “In an elven world 1,200 years before Geralt of Rivia, the worlds of monsters, men and elves merge to become one — and the very first Witcher arises.”

If the name sounds familiar, you may recognize Jodie Turner-Smith from other works that she’s been in including: The Last Ship, Nightflyers, Jett, Queen & Slim, and Tom Clancy’s No Remorse. In addition to The Witcher: Blood Origin, Jodie Turner-Smith has also been working on upcoming films After Yang and Borderland (not to be confused with the Borderlands film which recently cast Kevin Hart). 

For those eager to watch the show, the actual airing of The Witcher: Blood Origin could take a while as filming is expected to begin sometime between May and December 2021. After that, there will be the necessary post-production work that has to take place so realistically, we probably won’t see the series air until mid to late 2022.

Other things we know about The Witcher: Blood Origin is that Declan De Barra will serve as the showrunner and executive producer and Lauren Hissrich (executive producer of Netflix’s The Witcher) will also be an executive producer on Blood Origin.

Some of the producers from Netflix’s The Witcher including Jarek Sawko, Tomek Baginski, Sean Daniel, and Jason Brown will also be working on The Witcher: Blood Origin. If you want even more Witcher content beyond Netflix’s The Witcher once Season Two comes out and The Witcher: Blood Origin, a 2D animated Witcher movie is also in the works called The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf

The animated film is set to air in 2021, will have a runtime of 1 hour and 21 minutes, comes courtesy of Studio Mir (Legend of Korra), and is being developed by The Witcher Netflix team as well. With Netflix’s The Witcher team contributing to each of the three projects in some form or another, one can expect some continuity and consistency throughout, even though the stories and presentation of each project will be unique. 

We’re really looking forward to seeing actress Jodie Turner-Smith as Éile in The Witcher: Blood Origin, and we’re equally looking forward to seeing The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf and Season Two of Netflix’s The Witcher. The team is tossing plenty of coins to their Witcher and we couldn’t be more excited.

Stay tuned as we’ll be posting updates on all three Witcher projects as additional information is released. Until then, what do you think of the casting choice of Jodie Turner-Smith as Éile?How do you think the Witcher prequel story will unfold in Blood Origin?

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