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Fire Force Netherworld Arc Promo Revealed

by Ginny Woo

Fire Force roared onto the anime scene in a blaze earlier this year, and it’s totally captivated audiences even during a spate of some truly spectacular releases like Dr Stone. Now, fans of the manga who have been looking forward to the next meaty bit of the show will be pleased to know that there’s now been a Fire Force Netherworld Arc promo revealed, teasing the direction of the anime for the next little while. 

Fire Force Netherworld Arc Promo Revealed

The latest promo for the anime looks like it’s going to be a climactic showdown between the incredibly hot-headed protagonist, Shinra, and Sho of the Knights of the Ashen Flame. Judging from the promo above, which shows off more of the Knights and their abilities, we can see the distinct factions already starting to fracture off in interesting ways.

Of course, with the incredibly complicated and emotionally complex relationship between the Sho and Shinra, we expect this Netherworld arc to be ridiculously explosive. Things have been unfolding at a rapid clip when it comes to the mysteries of the Tokyo represented in Fire Force, and those who have been abreast of the manga’s happenings will be looking forward to how the confrontation between the two is going to escalate that even further.

With the anime slated for 24 episodes, and the fact that we’re currently sitting at 18 (with episode 19 introducing the Netherworld for real), we’re not far at all from everything wrapping up neatly in a bow. We hope that we’re going to see more after this initial run, so we’ve got our fingers crossed. Hopefully this Fire Force Netherworld arc promo has you as excited as we are about everything! If you want to keep up to date with more anime news, why not check out the following?