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Final Final Fantasy 15 DLC Finally Gets Release Date

by Prima Games Staff

The last DLC for Final Fantasy 15 – Episode Ardyn – will be released on March 26 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

As revealed in director Hajime Tabata’s shock announcement that he was leaving Square Enix at the end of last year, this will be the last DLC released for the JRPG.

Episode Ardyn tells the story of the Niflheim Chancellor, Ardyn Izunia, 35 years before Noctis’ adventure begins in the main game. Ardyn is attempting to destroy Insomnia’s Crown City, because he is a very bad man who has finally been released after 2,000 years in prison. He also happens to stumble on a horrifying truth that leads him to vow revenge against the Kingdom of Lucis but that probably isn’t as important as it sounds.

This was supposed to be the fourth of seven additional episodic DLC stories told through the long-awaited RPG, however when Tabata left the publisher canceled all further episodes.

Instead, Episode Ardyn will be launched alongside a short 13-minute anime film as a prologue to the final DLC’s events. Whether or not it fits in everything the Square Enix team wanted to tell in the remaining three canceled DLC episodes is hard to say (it definitely doesn’t).

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