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Final Fantasy XVI announced as PlayStation Console Exclusive

by Prima Games Staff

During the PlayStation 5 Showcase, the long-awaited next chapter in Final Fantasy was announced. Final Fantasy XVI being developed by Creative Business Unit Three, which is run by none other than Naoki Yoshida, the Producer, and Director of Final Fantasy XIV. Hiroshi Takai was later confirmed as the game’s director.

We were treated to a lengthy trailer that can be seen below. Leaning much more into the Fantasy elements of the older Final Fantasy games, XVI features magic, combat, and a cast of characters the franchise has been known for over the years.

The Official Youtube video description reads as follows.

 “The legacy of the crystals has shaped our history for long enough…”

Watch the exciting teaser trailer for the newest title in the legendary FINAL FANTASY series.

FINAL FANTASY XVI is the next all-new standalone single-player action RPG from Square Enix, coming to PlayStation 5. 

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We get a solid glimpse at a nation at war, which is pretty standard as far as Final Fantasy stories go. That being said, between the fantasy setting and heavy emphasis on some of the characters, we’re excited to see more.

We also got some brief look at combat, which seems to be a nice blend of Final Fantasy XV and the recently released Final Fantasy VII Remake.

It looks fast, fluid, and like your attacks have a real impact on the foe. The franchise is trending in a great direction between this announcement and the success of the seven Remake. 

If you weren’t sold on getting a PlayStation 5 before, it looks like the only way you’ll enjoy the game on a console is here. The term “Console Exclusive” implies that it will be coming to PC at some point, but since no release date for the game was announced, we will just have to wait and see.

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