Final Fantasy XIV Weapon Design Contest Winners Revealed

Final Fantasy XIV Weapon Design Contest Winners Revealed

Somebody over there really likes sharks

by Lucas White

Square Enix updated the Final Fantasy XIV “Lodestone” website today with the results of the weapon design contest that started back in summer 2021. Each class (pre-Endwalker, so no Sage or Reaper) had two grand prize winners, and those designs will eventually come to the game itself. Finalists and runner-ups will receive various in-game rewards as prizes.

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If you check out the post you’ll be able to see all the designs chosen, and there’s a wide variety of styles from cool and intricate to silly and strange. I can’t say I’m not looking forward to seeing that shark-shaped gunblade eventually. It even has a jaw hinge! That rules. The ladle and pot lid for Paladins is another personal favorite. There’s another shark weapon in the grand prize list, so that’s fun.

The prizes are all listed in the blog post, so if you want to be jealous of the winners you can see exactly what they’re getting. Interestingly enough, there’s a line at the bottom of the post noting more designs could be implemented. If the team at Square Enix finds a non-winner “excellent,” it could come to the game as well. It also states the final designs could differ slightly in-game compared to the winning art.

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