The Final Fantasy XIV Collab With Fender is Awesome

More video game guitar collabs please.

During the Final Fantasy XIV Digital Fan Festival, a collaboration between Fender and Square Enix was revealed alongside a beautiful custom Final Fantasy XIV Stratocaster. The instrument itself is real, playable, and can be pre-ordered for a cool $3,499 (USD) in Japan starting May 25. 

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You’ll also reportedly be able to pre-order the guitar outside of Japan later this year, with the guitar set to ship out in early 2022 (2021 for Japan).

If you don’t have $3,499 (USD) laying around for the physical Final Fender XIV Strat, you’ll be happy to hear that the guitar will be available in-game as well courtesy of Patch 5.5 which releases May 25. 

The Final Fantasy XIV Collab With Fender is Awesome 

To be honest, it’s hard to list all of the reasons why the custom Final Fantasy XIV Stratocaster from Fender is so awesome. The fact that it exists at all is a pretty good place to start, along with the knowledge that the guitar can also be acquired in-game by Final Fantasy XIV players. 

While the physical guitar can be purchased as a collectible to hang up on the wall, rest on a guitar stand, or keep safe and protected in the hardshell case the guitar comes with, it’s also designed with function and performance in mind.

Yes, you can play One-Winged Angel on this bad boy. 

It should sound pretty stellar too given the guitar’s features which include three V-Mod single-coil pickups that add range and versatility to the Stratocaster along with a “limit break” switch.

Elaborating on this a bit further, the “limit break” switch is essentially a push-pull pot in the guitar that allows you to connect the bridge and neck pickups together in series. 

As for the physical design itself, the guitar’s modern “C” maple neck features a 9.5” radius rosewood fretboard with a Final Fantasy Meteor logo inlay on the 12th fret.

The body is all-black in design with blue and purple “crystals” decorating the top and bottom corners (in reference to the game’s Crystals of Darkness and Light). 

Each guitar is made by hand, one at a time, in Japan. Each guitar is also numbered (as you’d expect from a collectible item) and comes with a vintage-style hardshell case with a Fender x Final Fantasy XIV logo on it and an original certificate with a FFXIV illustration card. 

If you’re sold on buying one of these limited-edition guitars you’ll need $3,499 (USD) and some time set aside to pre-order the guitar as soon as pre-orders become available.

Pre-orders for the Final Fantasy XIV Stratocaster go live in Japan starting May 25, and “Late 2021” for areas outside of Japan like North America. If you can’t afford to spend $3,499 (USD), the guitar will also be available inside Final Fantasy XIV itself starting May 25 with the rollout of Patch 5.5.

Once Patch 5.5 goes live, players will be able to access and play the guitar through the bard’s Performance mode, with the in-game guitar able to switch between five different clean and distorted audio tones. You’ll also be able to do some pick-sliding and muting with the guitar.

Additionally, a new “Aetherolectric Guitar” furnishing item will be available for purchase in the Manderville Gold Saucer in exchange for MGP that’ll allow you to hang the custom Final Fantasy XIV Stratocaster in your home.  

Stay tuned, as we have additional coverage planned for Patch 5.5 and Final Fantasy XIV for you here at Prima Games! 

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