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Final Fantasy X: Chapter 1 Walkthrough

From the Prologue in Zanarkand to the boss encounter of Oblitzerator
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

Welcome to Final Fantasy X! To help you find your way around Spira we’ve put together a (mostly) spoiler-free, to-the-point walkthrough of the main story. This portion of the walkthrough will cover the start of Tidus’s journey through the first Blitzball tournament and the reunion with

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Auron. Under each area’s heading you will find a list of enemies you may encounter, treasures to find and where to go to progress the story.



Sinscale – 100 HP

Ammes(boss) – 2400 HP



This beginning portion of the game is fairly straightforward. After the introductory cutscenes, follow Auron and his instructions through your first set of battles. Eventually you will reach Sinspawn Ammes. While technically a boss, the only attack Ammes uses is a black magic spell called Demi which reduces your party’s HP by a certain percentage. Because of this, once the accompanying sinscales are dead the boss is unable to kill you and you are free to simply attack it until it falls.

After defeating Ammes, continue to follow Auron and battling sinscales until you are prompted to target a damaged tanker. In the next area, simply follow the prompt to reach a small platform and speak to the figure standing on it to be transported to Spira.



Sahagin – 100 HP

Piranha – 50 HP 1 AP 2 Gil | Drops: Power Sphere | Steal: Grenade

Geosgaeno(boss) – N/A HP

Klikk(boss) – 1,500 HP 5 AP 50 Gil | Drops: Ability Sphere x2 | Steal: Grenade

Tros(boss) – 2,200 HP 8 AP 100 Gil | Drops: Power Sphere x2 | Steal: Grenade


Potion x2

200 Gil

Hi-Potion x2



Al Bhed Primer Vol. 1

Tidus finds himself floating in a strange ruin with no idea where he is. When you regain control, head to the far west and east sides of the first screen to find a chest with 2 potions and another containing 200 Gil. Next, head toward the red marker on your map to climb out of the water onto a stone walkway. Take the offshoot to the left and follow it all the way down for chest containing a Hi-Potion. Return to the branch and continue heading north.

The fight with Geosgaeno is one that cannot be won. Simply attempt to escape each round and when you are successful or three rounds have passed, you will barely escape certain death and find yourself in a large, open area of ruin with a fire pit in the center. Tucked near an inaccessible doorway is a treasure chest containing an X-Potion. Head through the door near the save sphere to acquire a piece of flint then return and head for the doorway on the opposite side, following the linear path and obtaining an Ether, a Hi-Potion and a withered bouquet. Return the flint and bouquet to the fire pit to proceed.


HP: 1500

AP: 5

Gil: 50

Drops: Ability Sphere x2

Steal: Grenade

Elemental Attributes: None

The first true boss fight in the game is rather straightforward. Keep attacking and using Potions whenever Tidus’s HP turns yellow and eventually you gain an ally in the fight. Follow the prompts to use her special ability and don’t forget to use Steal to snag a free Grenade. A few more attacks and Klikk will fall, granting you your first battle rewards!

After a few cutscenes you will find yourself on board an Al Bhed ship. Take a moment to save and grab the Al Bhed Primer vol. 1 tucked in a corner at the back end of the ship. When you are ready, speak to the mysterious girl to learn about the Sphere Grid before taking another dive.

Follow the girl down into the ruin (and don’t forget to steal some extra grenades from any piranha you encounter!) and examine the control panel to open the way forward. Move to the far end of the corridor and activate another panel then swim back toward the entrance for another big fight.


HP: 2200

AP: 8

Gil: 100

Drops: Power Sphere x2

Steal: Grenade

Elemental Attributes: None

The beginning of this battle is fairly straightforward, just attack Tros a few times until it retreats to the other side of the generator. After a brief tutorial on Trigger Commands, have Tidus and the girl stand by to recover a small amount of HP. When Tros returns, attack until it once again retreats. On his turn while Tros has retreated, Tidus should now have a new trigger command, “Pincer Attack”. Select this trigger to surround Tros and prevent it from running away any more then finish it off with normal attacks and any grenades you have left.

Once Tros is defeated, follow the red marker on your mini map to return for the ship. Take an opportunity to save at the Save Sphere and grab the Al Bhed Primer if you have yet to do so (you only get one chance!) and talk to the girl to continue.



Piranha: 50 HP 1 AP 2 Gil | Drops: Power Sphere | Steal: Grenade

Dingo: 125 HP 2 AP 15 Gil | Drops: Power Sphere | Steal: Potion |

Condor: 95 HP 2 AP 12 Gil | Drops: Speed Sphere | Steal: Phoenix Down |

Water Flan: 315 HP 2 AP 18 Gil | Drop: Mana Sphere | Steal: Fish Scale | Notes: Physical resist, weak to lightning

Garuda: 1400 HP 8 AP 300 Gil | Drop: Power Sphere | Steal: None


Antidote x4

Moon Crest

Phoenix Down x2

Hi-Potion x2

Potion x2

400 Gil

Al Bhed Primer Vol. 2

Rod of Wisdom

When you regain control of Tidus, don’t swim up to the Blitzball team right away. Instead, head to the right to a small area of beach with a chest containing a Moon Crest, something that will become incredibly important later in the game. Head to the other side of the shore for a chest containing an antidote. When you are ready, talk to the team to meet Wakka. Follow Wakka through the jungle and explore the lagoon thoroughly to collect a Phoenix Down, Hi-Potion and two more Antidotes. Just be careful not to get too chewed up by the piranha swimming in the lagoon with you. When you are ready, follow the red marker on your mini map to reach the village of Besaid.

Explore the village to find a variety of goodies strewn about in chests including two more potions, a hi-potion, a phoenix down and 400 gil. Talk to the villagers to learn more about Spira and when you are ready head to the temple to meet the summoner and afterwards, head back to Wakka’s hut to get some rest. When Tidus wakes up, head back to the temple and speak to everyone to learn more about the summoner and the cloister of trials. After a short time he gets impatient and rushes into the cloister.

Cloister of Trials – Besaid

Tidus and Yuna’s journey will take them to several temples across Spira. Each temple has its own cloister of trials and unique puzzles but the basic rules stay the same. Each temple has three types of sphere that you can move around different slots, glyph spheres which are used to activate various switches, destruction spheres that are used to access each temple’s hidden treasure and a third sphere which is always named for the temple and is used to advance into the inner chambers.

– The Besaid temple is fairly straightforward. Examine the glyph on the right wall in the first room to open a door to the next area.

– While descending the stairs you will see a glyph sphere in a slot on the wall, examine it for a brief tutorial on how to proceed then grab the sphere. Take it to the bottom of the stairs and insert it into the door to access the next room.

– Retrieve the sphere you just used to open the door and take it into the next area. Place the sphere into the next slot you encounter to open the wall and discover the temple’s destruction sphere but don’t take it just yet!

– Continue down the hall until you reach a pedestal then examine the runes on the wall across from it to reveal another glyph. Examine the new glyph to access another hidden chamber containing the Besaid sphere.

– Place the Besaid sphere into the pedestal to open another area but don’t proceed just yet, return to the chamber with the destruction sphere and bring the sphere back to the slot you just pulled the Besaid sphere out of. Place the destruction sphere in the wall to open another chamber in the cloister containing the hidden treasure, a Rod of Wisdom.

– Return to the pedestal with the Besaid sphere and push it forward to lock it in place and open the door to the inner chamber, completing the trial.

After the trial continue exploring Besaid and talking to the villagers and speak to Wakka when you are ready to turn in for the night. In the morning, don’t forget to nab the Al Bhed Primer Vol. II off the desk in the inn. When you meet up with Lulu and Wakka, Tidus is given the iconic Brotherhood sword. On your way up the mountain and toward the docks you will have several tutorial battles that will introduce you to physical resistant enemies and the different types of elemental damage. Continue on the path until you reach the peak and while looking around, Tidus is suddenly ambushed!

Use Tidus’s Cheer ability to strengthen his attacks and defense while using physical attacks and the battle will end fairly quickly. After this fight, Tidus will be restored to full health so try to avoid using any healing items unless absolutely necessary. After the fight continue down the other side of the mountain for a lesson on fighting with Aeons before finally reaching the docks. Speak to the villagers gathered around the ship before leaving as most of them will offer gifts for the summoner’s journey.



Sin(boss): 2000 HP 10 AP 200 Gil | Drops: Nothing | Steal: Nothing

Sinscale: 200 HP 2 AP 50 Gil | Drops: Nothing | Steal: Nothing

Echuilles(boss): 2000 HP 12 AP 100 Gil | Drops: Nothing | Steal: Nothing


Al Bhed Primer Vol. III


Potions (if holding fewer than 20)

Once you are free to wander around the ship at will, head down below and search the power room and search the bottom corner for the Al Bhed Primer Vol. III. When you are done exploring the ship (it’s not all that large) head back to the deck and speak with Wakka and Yuna to trigger a huge fight.


HP: Sin 2000, Sinscales 200

AP: Sin 10, Sinscales 2

Gil: Sin 200, Sinscales 50

Drops: None

Steal: None

Elemental Attributes: None

This is likely the first battle that will test your ability to strategize and adjust your tactics mid-fight. The only enemies capable of damage are the Sinscales as the fin will only ever move from one side of the ship to the other as the fight progresses. Should you defeat all the Sinscales, the fin will fire three more into the battle so the best way to minimize the damage your party takes is to just leave one Sinscale alive and be ready to heal with Yuna. While the Sinscales are a nuisance, your real target is Sin’s giant fin in the distance and it’s fairly obvious that Tidus’s sword is not quite long enough to reach. The only members of your team that can reach Sin are Lulu and Wakka, so it’s important to bring one or both of them in as soon as possible during the fight. On each of their turns, have them target the fin while Tidus or Khimari whittle down the number of Sinscales. Bring Yuna in whenever you need to heal or use Tidus’s Cheer ability to boost Wakka’s damage and you will soon move to the next stage of the fight, another boss!


HP: 2000

AP: 12

Gil: 100

Drops: None

Steal: None

Elemental Attributes: None

For this fight, the party is reduced to just Tidus and Wakka so every action needs to count! Follow Wakka’s suggestion on his turn and use Dark Attack to blind Echuilles to prevent it from draining your HP each turn. Have Tidus alternate between using Cheer and Attacking to keep your attack and defense up and hit Echuilles with Dark Attack whenever blind wears off, using ethers and potions if needed to stay alive.



Ragora: 780 HP 20 AP 48 Gil | Drops: Speed Sphere | Steal: Antidote

Dinonix: 140 HP 9 AP 27 Gil | Drops: Speed Sphere | Steal: Soft | Notes: Attacks can cause Petrify

Yellow Element: 300 HP 9 AP 33 Gil | Drops: Mana Sphere | Steal: Electro Marble | Notes: Physical resist, absorbs lightning, weak to water

Killer Bee: 110 HP 9 AP 23 Gil | Drops: Speed Sphere | Steal: Antidote

Lord Ochu(boss): 4649 HP 40 AP 420 Gil | Drops: MP Sphere | Steal: Potion | Notes: Weak to fire

Geneaux(boss): 3000 HP 53 AP 300 Gil | Drops: Power Sphere | Steal: None


Potion x3



Mana Sphere x2


NulBlaze Shield



Luck Sphere

Al Bhed Primer Vol. IV

After the harrowing journey from Besaid, the group finds themselves in Kilika. Due to previous events most of the village is closed off so follow your marker to catch up to Yuna performing the sending. The following day, speak to the Aurochs on the pier and explore the village to find a chest with three potions inside as well as a frightened young girl. Save the girl and head to the bar to earn an elixir from her sister and while you are there, grab the Al Bhed Primer Vol. IV from the counter. When you are ready to head to the Kilika Temple, speak to Wakka and the group heads for the forest.

Shortly after arriving in the forest, you will enter into a battle that teaches you how to use Khimari’s Lancet ability to learn monster skills for his Overdrive (of particular note, whenever he learns a new skill, Khimari’s Overdrive gauge is immediately filled!). After the battle head forward and speak to Luzzu and Gatta and meet the area’s optional boss, Lord Ochu. It can be a difficult fight but the rewards are more than worth it.


HP: 4649

AP: 40

Gil: 300

Drops: MP Sphere

Steal: Potion

Elemental Attributes: 1.5x damage from fire attacks

Lord Ochu can be a tough battle at this stage in the game but with the right preparation it can be overcome. Keep Lulu out consistently so that she can hit Lord Ochu with fire spells on each of her turns while Yuna heals and the rest of the party attacks. If Wakka has learned Silence Attack, use it to silence Lord Ochu and restrict its actions. When it drops below 2000 or so HP, Lord Ochu will fall asleep and regenerate 300+ HP on each of its turns while it sleeps. Use a physical attack to wake it up and cancel this regeneration but be prepared as Lord Ochu will retaliate with the powerful Earthquake attack which will deal a large amount of damage to your entire party. Don’t forget that you can also summon Valefor to cast fire at Lord Ochu and since Valefor flies, it is immune to Lord Ochu’s Earthquakes.

When Ochu falls you receive a coveted MP sphere. This is a rare type of sphere that allows you to turn any empty node on the sphere into a node that grants a whopping 40 MP when activated! Additionally speak with Luzzu, Gatta and all the other crusaders patrolling the area for an Elixir, a Remedy, a Hi-Potion and a NulBlaze Shield for Tidus. With Lord Ochu defeated, explore the rest of the forest to find the Scout weapon for Wakka, a Luck sphere and a pair of Mana spheres before headed north to the temple. Take a moment to equip your new items and spend your sphere levels at the save sphere since you’ll need them as soon as you climb the stairs to the temple.


HP: Geneaux 3000, Tentacles 450

AP: Geneaux 48, Tentacles 5

Gil: Geneaux 300, Tentacles 0

Drops: Power Sphere

Steal: None

Elemental Attributes: 1.5x damage from fire attacks, absorbs water damage

Your first target in this fight will be the tentacles coming up behind the party as they will redirect and absorb any magical attack directed toward Geneaux and as long as it is wrapped in its shell, Geneaux takes greatly reduced damage from physical attacks. Use Cheer to boost your defense and attack while downing the tentacles, Geneaux cannot regenerate them so they will stay gone. Once the tentacles are dead Geneaux opens its shell, allowing you to deal normal damage with physical attacks. If you have it, use Wakka’s Silence Attack or Yuna’s NulWater spell to defang Geneaux’s powerful spells. Before long you will emerge victorious.

With the path to the temple clear the party can now enter Kilika’s Cloister of Trials. After a series of events, Tidus once again finds himself alone to face the puzzles within.

– Remove the Kilika Sphere from the pedestal in the first chamber and insert it into the slot by the door to cause a wall of fire to spring up then remove the sphere to put the flames out and proceed to the next room.

– Insert the Kilika Sphere into the slot on the northern wall to make a glyph appear. Remove the sphere again and place it in another empty slot in the room.

– Move the Glyph Sphere from the pedestal to one of the slots on the wall then touch the black glyph to open a path to the next room.

– Move into the next room and step on the glowing switch to teleport the pedestal from the previous room. Take the Kilika Sphere from the slot to the right to extinguish the flames on the floor and place the sphere in the pedestal.

– Return to the previous room and retrieve the Glyph Sphere then place it in the wall to open a chamber containing the Destruction Sphere.

– Move the pedestal with the Kilika Sphere to the glowing switch to lower the platform, exposing a slot in the wall.

– Take the Destruction Sphere and place it in the newly exposed slot to open a chamber with a chest containing a Red Armlet.

– Grab one of the Kilika Spheres and place it in the slot next to the door to open the way to the inner chamber.

Speak with the Guardians until Yuna emerges with a new Aeon. Return back through the forest, grabbing any treasures you may have missed and make any needed preparations before boarding the ship to Luca.





Al Bhed Primer Vol. V

There’s not much to do during the trip to Luca. Make your way to the deck and into the navigation room to pick up the Al Bhed Primer Vol. V then head upstairs on the deck to learn more about Wakka and Lulu. Also take the time to examine the lone blitzball on the deck and complete the minigame to unlock the Jecht Shot technique for Tidus as it is one of the most powerful techniques in blitzball and will be a big help in the coming tournament.



Worker: 300 HP 7 AP 85 Gil | Drops: Hi-Potion | Steal: None

Sahagin Chief: 170 HP 2 AP 20 Gil | Drops: Power Sphere | Steal: None

Vouivre: 225 HP 14 AP 50 Gil | Drops: Power Sphere | Steal: Potion

Garuda: 1800 HP 28 AP 0 Gil | Drops: Power Sphere | Steal: None

Oblitzerator(boss): 6000 HP 36 AP 580 Gil | Drops: None | Steal: None


Hi-Potion x2

1600 Gil

Tidal Spear

Phoenix Down x2

Magic Sphere

HP Sphere

Al Bhed Primer Vol. VI

Al Bhed Primer Vol. VII

Luca is a fair bit different from all the other places you’ve seen on Spira so far and the whole city is alive with the Blitzball tournament. After meeting the Maesters Wakka gives you a chance to learn and review the basics of Blitzball play in the locker room (and you can always check out our Blitzball guides here for even more info). Once you’ve studied up it’s time to explore the city and you can start by grabbing the Al Bhed Primer Vol. VI just outside the locker room on the ground near some blitzball players. In addition to all the treasures hidden around the docks there is a shop that sells armor for each member of the party and a whole theater to explore with scenes and music from throughout the game so far. When you are done exploring, follow your marker to meet up with Yuna and search for Auron in the cafe where it doesn’t take long for things to escalate.

Follow the marker around the far side of the docks to track down Yuna and encounter your first Machina enemies. Fortunately machina are weak to lightning spells and Lulu can make quick work of the waves of machines you’ll have to mow down before you reach dock 4. Once you’ve reached the dock and fought off several more waves of workers the party board the ship for a final showdown with the AL Bhed kidnappers.


HP: 6000

AP: 36

Gil: 580

Drops: None

Steal: None

Elemental Attributes: 1.5x damage from lightning, half damage from fire and water

Fighting the Oblitzerator seems like an insurmountable task until the party notices the broken crane on the side of the ship. On every turn, have Lulu cast Thunder on the crane to jump start it and once it kicks to life, use Tidus’s trigger command to rip the top off the machina monster, chopping several thousand HP off and immobilizing it. A few more strikes from this point and the fight is over almost before it started and Yuna is safe.

After saving Yuna it’s time to blitz! Head to the Aurochs’s locker room and prepare to compete in the finals. While it is not impossible, everything is stacked against the poor Aurochs in this match and win or lose the story goes on. The most important thing in this match is to get a hang for the controls of a live Blitzball match and give each of the Aurochs players a chance to carry the ball and earn player EXP and gain a few levels to prepare for the real matches later on.

Without so much as a breather at the end of the match, all hell breaks loose and fiends invade the sphere pool forcing Tidus and Wakka to fight through over a dozen Sahagin Chiefs to escape the pool. In the stands, you’ll be reunited with a friendly face to take on a Garuda but this time you don’t have Yuna’s Aeons to rely on. The Garuda counters every attack so blind it with Wakka’s Dark Attack and lay on the damage to put it down and earn a new party member. Once everything has calmed down and the Guardians have been reunited safely with their Summoner it’s time to move on to Djose Temple and the next chapter of the game.

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