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Final Fantasy VII Remake Release Date Confirmed At E3 2019

by John Cooper

In true Square Enix fashion, we’ve finally been given a release date for the first part of the Final Fantasy VII remake at our concert held before the official opening of E3 2019. This isn’t unusual for the company as they’ve done things like this before, although they also have a habit of moving around their release dates too, so keep that in mind. The good news is that even if the release date slips, at least we have this gorgeous trailer to tide us over. 

The first part of the remake is said to be releasing worldwide on March 3rd 2020. That’s a lot sooner than a fair amount of people had expected, so if it actually sticks the landing then it could be a huge deal. The remake has had a pretty tumultuous time of things so far thanks to having a peculiar mix of studios taking it on before being brought back in-house. That’s not even including the fact that the combat looks to be real-time instead of the traditional turn-based systems of the original game. 

There is no word on how many pieces the game has been split into, nor where these splits will happen. Hopefully, we will be seeing a bit more of the game at this evenings Square Enix conference as more information is definitely needed regarding the remake. 

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