There was plenty of excitement surrounding the 2019 Tokyo Game Show thanks to there having been plenty of significant reveals and announcements taking place. One of the most significant announcements that came out of the 2019 Tokyo Game Show regarded the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake and its Classic mode. This Classic mode will fill fans with plenty of nostalgia in how it brings the title's past straight to the forefront in modern times. 

This newly announced Classic mode for the Final Fantasy VII Remake will make combat resemble the original game's combat system more closely. Players using this mode will only be required to issue commands to their characters regarding which attack they would like them to use. The AI handles all of the actual combat mechanics.

The official Twitter account for the game explained that the significant difference in the standard and Classic modes for the Final Fantasy VII Remake concerns how players handle the filling up of the ATB Gauge. 

Final Fantasy VII Remake will allow players to experience the same kind of combat they fell in love with years ago through an updated visual experience that is truly amazing to view. Players will be able to try out these enhanced visuals and Classic mode when the Final Fantasy VII Remake launches for PlayStation 4 on March 3rd, 2020.

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