EA Sports has revealed the development team that will be handling the work-in-progress for its upcoming UFC fighting game, and it’s none other than EA Canada, the same team that worked wonders for the Fight Night franchise over the years. The team recently attended a UFC event and reportedly has begun scanning fighters for use in the game, including legend Chuck Liddell.


This is the first bit of news surrounding the project since EA announced it acquired the license from THQ – with an announcement by UFC president Dana White for good measure. “When we found out that EA and the UFC would be working together, the team was excited,” said EA Canada creative director Brian Hayes. “Most of the team didn’t even know about it until the announcement at E3. We were all watching it together and when (EA Sports president) Andrew Wilson and Dana White took the stage, everybody started cheering. It was great.”


EA has a lot of work ahead of them, especially if they intend to top THQ’s UFC Undisputed series. Still, we wish them the best of luck. Look for more coverage on this game soon!