EA have, after long deliberation, decided to allow players to use the game’s set-piece editor in online matches as long as people behave themselves.

"We've set it up online so we can turn it off if we think it's not working out," said Gary Paterson, the games creative director, when speaking to Eurogamer last week.

"We are going to release with it online, so we'll see how it goes, and if people are abusing it or if there is a way to abuse it, then we will have to turn it off. Which really sucks, because there's like 95 per cent of people who just want to go on there and have a football experience, and then there's like these other guys who just want to win at all costs, and be on top of the leaderboard whether they've cheated or not."

When quizzed on whether they had thought about allowing players to use the feature in unranked matches, Peterson commented "That was the ideal, and we will definitely do that in future, but unfortunately we couldn't find the time".

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