FFXIV Producer & Director Naoki Yoshida Talks About How The Team Plans To Alleviate World Congestion

More players more problems.

Today, FFXIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida spoke about the increased player population and some steps the game is taking to alleviate the world’s congestion.

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FFXIV Producer & Director Naoki Yoshida Talks About How The Team Plans To Alleviate World Congestion

In a blog post, Yoshida explains that the increased influx of new players is “staggering and unexpected” which has created a problem for players trying to create a new account, and it even prevented Square Enix from being able to sell digital keys of FFXIV for fears of decimating the servers.

You can read the full post here, but some of the more notable points will be found below.

 “When a World server reaches its maximum capacity, any additional players attempting to log in will be placed in a queue and must wait until a player already on the server logs out before being admitted.”

This unfortunately also includes the character creator. So you will not be able to make a new character if you’re not able to log into the game.

“Please also note that in order to prioritize our paying customers, the login queue is not available to players using the free trial version (regardless of whether it occurs due to a surge in logins or a World reaching its capacity). Logging in will only be possible for these players after a World’s login queue is cleared.”

So if you have the free trial of the critically acclaimed MMORPG FFXIV which includes the base game and the first expansion Heavensward you will not be eligible for the login queue system. 

Square has also fast-tracked the new auto-logout feature from being a part of the next expansion Endwalker to the most recent patch 5.58. Your character will be logged out automatically after no input is detected from the character for an extended period of time.

The team is also looking to speed up the process for new servers but is faced with two major problems.

The first being the semiconductor shortage the world is facing right now, which is delaying the delivery of servers for the game’s datacenters.

The second problem is since there are travel restrictions still in place, the team has not been able to actually visit the data center locations creating a lack of work efficiency. 

We appreciate the team being as open and honest as it can be about the current challenges of the ever-growing population of FFXIV. 

FFXIV is currently available on PC and PS4/PS5.

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