FFXIV Finally Introduces Female Hrothgars to Eorzea

No more gender-locking for us!

During the Japan Fan Fest Final Fantasy XIV trailer for the Dawntrail expansion, fans could finally give their first official glimpse at the Female Hrothgars. The female counterpart to the feline race introduced back in Shadowbringers has been a popular request for a while, and it’s finally becoming a reality.

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The Female Hrothgar trailer took a while, but finally appeared at the end of the day’s announcements. Players should be able to create their own female Hrothgars as Warriors of Light as soon as 7.0 drops. And with the announcement that we’ll get a free Fantasia, everyone can change into the new race if they so wish.

The female Hrothgar has a softer face compared to the male counterparts, but still retains the feral aspects that define the race and make it different from Miqo’tes, for example. Complete with fur over her whole muscular body, she dons claws and acts in a more feral way compared to her male counterpart.

Our first interaction with a female Hrothgar will be held during the 6.55 patch, scheduled to be released on January 16. We only had a glimpse of her legs until now, which players have previously guessed correctly of belonging to a female Hrothgar. Sometimes we just have to believe in those seemingly crazy theories.

According to game director Naoki Yoshida, she’s the daughter of the current ruler of Tural, and will probably be responsible for dragging us into the throne succession in the new zone we’ll be visiting in the future expansion.

Other major announcements on the day included the new Pictomancer job and upcoming areas we’ll be visiting in Tural, as well as some of the Dungeons and Raids we’ll be facing throughout Dawntrail. The Japan Fan Fest is just starting, so stay tuned!

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