There's something magical about Polygon's Fez, a game that has managed to capture the essence of 8-bit games, while utilizing awesome 3D technology to make each world much deeper than first anticipated.  But if you somehow missed out on its historic run on Xbox Live, you'll get a second chance to discover it on PC in just a few weeks' time.

Phil Fish announced today that the game is making its way to Steam, arriving on May 1st.  The game will feature all the fun gameplay of the original, but won't have the bugs that some Xbox Live users are coming across.  Whew.

No word yet if any additional content will be added to the game, but the fact you'll be able to add it to your virtual library should be good enough, shouldn't it?  Now if we just had an actual fez to wear while we were playing it!

Bookmark this page and get your money ready for the 1st.  Summer's not too far off…