Fariko Impact Wins Call of Duty 2013 Championship

They're now $400,000 richer.

This weekend was chock full of competitive excitement.  Between the IPL-6 sponsored Shootmania tournament and WWE’s Wrestlemania festivities, we had a lot to check out.  But it was also the big weekend for Microsoft and Activision’s Call of Duty tournament, with $400,000 and gold rings up for grabs.

It was a heated tournament, one that was broadcast live across both the Internet and Xbox Live for all the world to see.  Eventually it came down to a team called Fariko Impact, who had previously been bumped down into a lower bracket, coming back and surprising everyone by overcoming the competition and winning the tournament.

They managed to beat team Envyus in a variety of matches, including CTF and Hardpoint, through perseverance and nailing specific kills.  In the end they took several of the rounds and eventually the match that would make them the top Call of Duty team in the country.

Congrats to Fariko Impact, and here’s hoping they’re ready to defend when the next great Call of Duty tournament rolls around…

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