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Far Cry 3 Vehicle Guide – Getting from A to B

by Prima Games Staff

As remote tropical islands go those in Far Cry 3 are populated with a vast array of transport, which can only be a good thing when being pursued by a blood-hungry band of crazed pirates. Below we pick out your methods of travel and highlight the good and bad in them all.

Dune Buggy

Good for… Nippy and reliable for getting from A to B. Great when off-roading and scooting across rocky beaches and bluffs.

Problem is… They don’t always handle the uneven terrain that well. Less than great for sharp corners.


Good for… A simple four-door sedan held together by rust, the Darrah is easy to find and a reasonable means of getting around the island. Treat them like a hire car.

Problem is… The steering goes out at high speeds. Bail out before the shooting starts and expect that it won’t survive a hostile encounter.


Good for… This civilian hatchback is faster than the Darrah, and you can locate a stationary Styrus without too much trouble.

Problem is… Unremarkable, and not the easiest to handle. Far less powerful than the Darrah.

Cargo Truck

Good for… Built to last, durable, stable, and heavy, which is a huge advantage on these often-treacherous roads.

Problem is… Speedy, they are not. Make long drives longer. Don’t expect to get away if you’re being pursued.


Good for… This lightweight one-man vehicle gets you where you’re going in super quick time. It has got great traction, which makes it an excellent off-road vehicle.

Problem is… Its propensity to rollover makes it a dangerous ride, and don’t be surprised if you smack into the odd tree or two.


Good for… These solid, durable all-wheel jeeps are ideal for the native terrain. The mounted machine is a bonus depending on which end of the barrel you’re facing down.

Problem is… You’re normally facing the wrong end, as the Scavenger is a particular favorite of Vaas’s pirates.


Good for… They’re stable, accelerate smoothly, and can be taken off road easily. Even better, many of them come with a mounted 12.7mm turret.

Problem is… It’s a repurposed civilian vehicle and is less durable than you’d think it would be. A poor man’s Scavenger.

Jet Ski

Good for… Easy to find and in sound working condition. Jet skis are excellent for zipping around on rivers, lakes and even the ocean.

Problem is… They’re defensive capabilities add up to a big fat zero. And they capsize far too easily.

Patrol Boat

Good for… They give more protection than the inflatable or the jet ski. And you can give some back with the mounted turret. Handy if hunting sharks.

Problem is… Tricky to find, only a few in working order. Quick, they are not.


Good for… Navigates far better than a patrol boat. Great on rivers.

Problem is… They’re inflatable. They sink. Easily.


Good for… A thrilling ride. Ultra-safe as your enemies rarely watch the skies. Use them to land quietly and unannounced behind enemy lines.

Problem is… Landing.


Good for… Jumping off a cliff. The wingsuit turns you into a human glider. Realistically, the only way to travel.

Problem is… They only appear late on in the game.

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