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Far Cry 3 to Get Tougher Setting and Outpost Resets

by Prima Games Staff

Ubisoft has revealed its plans to add new features to its insane and fantastic open-world shooter Far Cry 3.

The most notable features are the inclusion of a new Master difficulty setting, set to challenge even the toughest of gamers along with the ability to reset outposts.

The option to reset outposts will bring back challenge to your save in areas you’d made safe. It’s another chance to liberate those outposts you hadn’t managed to get without setting off those blasted alarms too. The game will only allow you the option to reset the outposts once you’ve liberated the lot and completed the game. The option is said to be all or nothing and you’ll lose access to the sidequests you’ve unlocked so it’s a decision not to take too lightly.

The new Master difficulty setting will make the wildlife more aggressive, the pirates tougher and the privateers deadlier. “Your skills as a master of the Rook Islands will be tested” as Ubisoft has put it. Expect to see guides from us closer to release detailing exactly how to defeat this new elite class of enemies.

The multiplayer section of the title is set to gain beta testing for map makers, which is exactly as it sounds and gives content creators a chance to run their maps by people who can give comments before final release. There’s also a spectator mode and the option to filter content by user.

For a full rundown of the upcoming changes head on over to the Ubisoft forum and in the meantime don’t forget we’ve got a hugely detailed official eGuide to Far Cry 3 right here complete with an interactive map and exclusive concept art.