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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Is Real – and Coming Soon

by Prima Games Staff

It almost seems like everyone is finding a way to pay a tribute to the 80’s this year and Ubisoft is no exception.  The company has opened up a teaser website for its forthcoming game Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, which could either be an expansion to the original game or its own Xbox Live Arcade release according to some promo artwork revealed for it.

While not much is known about the in-game content itself, judging by the design of the website and the cheesiness of the trailer, it’s definitely something relating to bad 80’s sci-fi.  We don’t mean Blade Runner, we mean stuff like I Come In Peace or something that got made fun of on Mystery Science Theater 3000.  Pure cheese-o-rama.

What’s more, visiting the site will generate a lot of laughs, especially when you look at the Blood Dragon store, which comes with everything from “limited edition posters” (over 200,000,000 available) to custom made washing machines and chainsaws.  (Sadly, these are pretty much jokes.  Shame – we could have used a chainsaw around the office.)

No release date has been given on Blood Dragon yet, but we expect it to arrive very soon and we’ll have more information for you a bit later.  In the meantime, pay the site a visit and take yourself back to a simpler time…

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