Final Fantasy Fans Are Getting Even More FF7 Rebirth Information Next Week

There's a bounty of new FFVII Rebirth news heading your way.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Fans eagerly awaiting the release of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the second part in the FFVII remake trilogy, were treated to a new trailer during today’s State of Play. The trailer depicted a variety of elements such as the introduction of Cait Sith, a demonstration of the various colored chocobos’ and their unique abilities, Cloud’s ability to make Segway’s look stylish, and more.

Straight after this news, Tetsuya Nomura tweeted that there is even more FF7 Rebirth news coming very soon. During the upcoming Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix plans to host a stage show as well as offering test play.

“Hello everyone. This time we made a trailer to show the great variety in the game world, so please take a look. We’re getting ready to offer test play and a stage show at TGS next week, so you can look forward to seeing that too. Keep supporting us!”

Tetsuya Nomura, September 14, 2023

With Tokyo Game Show beginning September 21, fans only have a week to speculate as to what information will be provided. With many story elements being altered from the original title, anything is possible, and that is very exciting.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth releases on February 29, 2024, exclusively for the PlayStation 5 console, and eager fans are able to preorder it now.

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