Who needs Mark Wahlberg and Hollywood to make an Uncharted movie, when all you need is right there in the games themselves?

One fan has managed to stitch gameplay and cut-scenes together to make three separate Uncharted films that anybody, gamer or not, can appreciate.


"What about me and my nostrils?!"

"I've often heard many people describe these games as like controlling a movie, and have heard many people say that these games are just as fun to watch as they are to play," wrote morphinapg on Reddit, "and I agree with both of those things.

"That gave me the idea to edit these games into movies. That way I would be able to watch the story of these games in one sitting easily, and without having to take up a considerable portion of my day. Not only that, but I would be able to show these to people who either don't have a PS3, don't have or want these games but still are interested in seeing the story, or even don't play video games at all."

To that end, morphinapg removed gamey things like chapter titles and button prompts. He included as little gameplay as possible to string the tales together. Below are all three of morphiapg's edits, in chronological game order.

There are spoilers, obviously.