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Familiar Faces: Stinky and Monique

by Prima Games Staff

With all the brand-new additions to Animal Crossing: New Leaf, it’s easy to forget about all the great things you love that are sticking around! Some of your favorite neighbors from past Animal Crossing games are making a welcome return and we’ll be profiling several of them here in the coming weeks. What returning neighbors are you most excited for?



Many villagers are excited to be coming back but few are as pumped as Stinky! This feline wrestling aficionado has been working the ropes to make sure he’s in tip-top shape for New Leaf! With his trademark underwear headgear and fresh-from-the-gym scent, Stinky is hard to miss.

Having been in every Animal Crossing game except Wild World, this cat knows his way around town. His gun-ho personality and competitive nature might not mesh well with some of the other villagers, but if you’re down for a good workout, then Stinky is the perfect neighbor!



But if you’re looking for a villager that knows the importance of hygiene and appearance, then look no further. Monique might have a snooty personality and enjoy juicy gossip, but her fashion sense is unquestionably fabulous. 

Monique knows everyone worth knowing, and perhaps that’s because she’s been in every single Animal Crossing game. It might take some time for this feline to warm up to you, but don’t get discouraged. She’s like that with almost everyone.

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